Thursday, September 27, 2012


Personal circumstances have kept me from writing the last few months but that will soon be remedied.

I have news that the CIA library has released my grandmothers unpublished (lost) manuscript and expect a copy of it soon. (Thank you Scott Hodes)

How did it end up in the possesion of the CIA?  I hope to answer that question.

Since I have at least a partial copy of one version and a nearly full copy of the another version (seemed she re-typed the story at least twice,) it will be interesting to compare the two complete versions.

It is a grand idea to publish her work, (unpublished manuscript), at least on the internet. Then I could help to accomplish what she didn't see in her life.

Rest in peace dear dear grandmother,
       your love did not return void.

sent to John DeLawder in World War I
Frances Davis
portrait she had sent to her sweetheart
John DeLawder while he served in France
in World War I

Copyright  © 2012

P.S. The manuscript did arrive! Fortunately it is the first version she wrote. The CIA preserved her work. No indication how it ended up in the library but the manuscript is complete.


Nancy said...

Alice, what did your grandmother's manuscript say (or what story did it document) that it would have been in the possession of the CIA? Have you already transcribed it here and I've missed it?

Jane Adams said...

The manuscript was intended to be published as a book, as her account of her relationship with Nicholas Dozenberg, her husband and father to their only child, my mother. I remember the manuscript being typed and sent to publishers for review. How did the CIA library end up with these manuscripts? I don't know. It has been rumored that other people have quoted her manuscript (historians) but have never given my grandmother the credit.