Dosenberg/Dozenberg Family Tree

as it is known to date
(Dosenberg is the German spelling vs Dozenberg is the Lativan/Russian
whereas "berg" means "mountain," and "dosen," meaning "tin")

Note: Researching a branch of the family tree that came from Europe presents some unique challenges, including enlisting the aid of a researcher in the country of origin. The USA and Canadian records are much more complete and accessible if you know married surnames of the women and can untangle the "Anglonization" of surnames for the men. I have also discovered that the men and women would "Anglonize" their first names to sound "more American," or more Western if you will. I don't suppose it occurred to people that generations later people might want to find a record of them or be interested in their lives. The other more obvious issue is that the immigrants into American culture where often poor and held meager positions, another challenge when trying to document their lives.

This tree is only information about people that are known and not intended to be a complete record. Please leave comments if you have any information about this family tree and are willing to share.

Generation No 1

Kristaps Dohse (b. 1789, Wolfshof Kampar, d. 29 Aug 1865 in Talsen, Latvia)  married unknown

Generation No 2

Janis Dosenberg (KRISTAPS) was born about 1823, and died unknown date. He married Lizzette (Lissette) Johnson who was born about 1828 and died unknown date, daughter of Wilhelm Johnson.

Children of Janis Dosenberg and Lizzette Johnson are:
 1.         i. Prizzis (Fritz, Frederick), b. Oct 15 1946, bapt Oct 27 1846 in Leieslabbing Farm, Odern,
                Talsi, Russia
 2.         ii. Anne Lisette (Liza), b. Dec 23 1847, bapt Jan 01 1848 Leieslabbing Farm, Odern,
                Talsi, Russia
 3.        iii. Juhle, b. July 27 1859, bapt Aug 06 1850 Leieslabbing Farm, Odern, Talsi, Russia
 4.        iv. Kahrlis, b. Apr 29 1853, bapt May 10 1853 Leieslabbing Farm, Odern, Talsi, Russia;
                d. 1913 Dedham, MA
 5.        iii. Ansis, b. Nov 011858, bapt Nov 09 1858 Leieslabbing Farm, Odern, Talsi, Russia;
 6.        iv. Andreis, b. Feb 11 1864, bapt Mar 01 1864 Leieslabbing Farm, Odern, Talsi, Russia

Generation No 3

1. Prizzis (Fricis, Frederick, Fritz) Dosenberg (KRISTAPS, JANIS) was born Oct 15 1846 in Leieslabbing, Russia and died 17 Jul 1913 in Dedham, MA. He married Marija Bertas/Bertha Kellermanes/Kellerman who was born 23 Apr 1856 in Germany and died 06 Mar 1923 in Big River, Saskatchewa, Canada, daughter of Johan Fred Kellermanes and Wilhelmine Munie Bertusch Dietrich of Germay
Prizzis (Fritz, Frederick) Dosenberg (1846-1913)

Children of Fricis Dosenberg and Marija Bertha Kellerman are: 
            i.   Carl George (1875-1962)
            ii.  Augusts (1878-unk)
           iii.  Wilhamine "Minna" (1881-1953)
           iv.  Nikolai "Nick" or "Nicholas" (1882-1954)
            v.  Katrine "Katie" or "Katherine" Alide  (1886-1955)
           vi.  Janis (John) Henry (1891-1953)
          vii.  Erna Alise (1893-unk)
         viii.  Meta Marie (1896-1992)

2. Anna Lisette (Liza) Dosenberg (KRISTAPS, JANIS) was b. Dec 23 1847 in Russia, died unknown date. She married Gustav Apsisits b. 1843 in Apshe (Apsche), Odern, he is the son of Johst and Anne, on19 Nov 1871 in Talsi (Talsen), Russia

Marriage record of Anna Lisette Dosenberg and Gustav Apsittis
Children of Anna Lisette Dosenberg and Gustav Apsittis are:

       i.  Andrew Nicholas Apsitis (1887-1964)

4. Karhlis Dosenberg (KRISTAPS, JANIS) b. Apr 29 1853, died Apr 04 1885, age 32 yrs. He married Katharina Seeding, daughter of unknown.
     i. Bertha Juliane Lisette b. Sep 15 1876, Riga, Russia, bapt Nov 03 1876, Riga, Russia
    ii. Fritz, b. Oct 19 1878, Riga, Russia, bapt Nov 05 1878, Riga, Russia
   iii. Johann Heinruch, b. Apr 04 1881, Riga, Russia, bapt May 03 1881, Riga, Russia
   iv. Andreas Johann Friedrich, b. Oct 29 1884, Riga, Russia, bapt Dec 16, 1884, d. Dec 20 1886, bur.             Dec 26, 1886, age 22 mos

5. Ansis Dosenberg (KRISTAPS, JANIS) b. Nov 01 1858; died unknown date. He married Madlene, born about 1851, daughter of Josts and unknown.

Children of Ansis Dosenberg and Madlene are:
        i. Gothard b. 1887 in Russia
       ii. Marija, b. 1889 in Russia
      iii. Lise, b. 1891 in Russia

Reference: Lativan Archives Census 1897, independent researcher

Generation No 4

1. Andrew Nicholas Apsitis, b. 1887, d. 1964. 

2. Wilhemina "Minna" Dosenberg (KRISTAPS, JANIS, PRIZZIS), b. 1881, Russia, d. 22 Sept 1953 Big River, Sasketchwan Providence, Canada. She married Ernest C. Braunfeld, b. 1875, Russia, d. 1948, Big River, Sasketchwan Providence, Canada. Son of Christian Christoph and Wilhemina Kirstein.

Children of Wilhemina "Minna" and Ernest are: 
        i. Aleda Julia
       ii. Carl John
      iii. Oscar David 
      iv. Meta Elvira 
      v. Walda 
     vi. John T

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