Lativa - Images of a Foreign Land


Images of a Foreign Land

Seal of Latvia
tripartite shield crowned by three stars
representing the three former pricipalities
Kurzeme, Vidzeme, and Latgale
the tri shield illustration
lower left - Kurzeme, lower right griffon - Vidzeme
rising sun - Latgale
Riga City Port of Latvia
1548 map drawing
Riga, Latvia - harbor
Rigas Jurmala
Beach of Riga Lativa

Rigas Jurmala
vintage postcard c1920?
notice the fully clothed people at the beach

Perse Valley Near Koknese
Amata River
Forest of Latgale
Latgale Farmhouse
Meadow in Vidzeme
Farm built in 1921
Kurzeme Countryside
herd of "Latvian Browns"

RIJA-riyia (Barn)
Riga (city name) is derived from this word
"Klets" (farm storehouse)
native Latvian musicians
Latvian women in native costume
Latvian holiday gathering

Latvian Danias title page
 folk songs and stories
passed down through centuries and generations
a cultural monument
Koknese Castle on Daugava River
former seat of Latvian Tribal Ruler Vetske (the Elder) in 1205
Ruins of Livonian Order Dobele Castle Bauska Zemgale
St. Mary Lutheran church in Riga
built 1211
War Museum in Riga
former Medieval Powder Tower 
St. John's Lutheran Church
Riga Latvia
built before 1226
The Castle in Riga
built in 1513
Old Riga Landmarks
Blackheads House (built in 1334)
St. Peter's Steeple - highest wooden spire in the world
Grand Ballroom of Presidential Palace
Riga Latvia
Riga Museum of Fine Arts
Riga National Theater

Pontoon Bridge over Daugava River
at Riga
Coat of Arms

idyllic lake shore line
interesting Latvian? Russian?
vintage postcard

all pictures of people are unknown to author they are provided for human interest the faces of a peoples group can sometimes relate the story much better than words

Peoples of the Baltic Sea Countries
unknown year or location
unknown location or identifcation
unknown location or identifcation
unknown identifcation
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