Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Nevada City, Nevada County, California

Nevada City, California, circa 1930's

My great-grandmother's house on
10135 Coyote Street, Nevada City, CA
Nevada County Consolidated Fire Station No. 4
stands at the site now (see picture below)

These photos are from my paternal grandmother's photo album, she grew up in Nevada City, CA. The top photo is a postcard, the other was most likely taken by her of her childhood home. The house on Coyote Street is demolished and the fire station stands in it's place. My great aunt was devastated when the State of California took the property by eminent domain. My father also grew up in Nevada City, CA

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Below are more pictures taken just outside Nevada City.

Blue Tent School Road
named in memory of the one-room school house as
pictured below in 1971

Blue Tent One Room Schoolhouse as it was in 1971
where one of my great-grandmother's was a school teacher

Cable Ranch site near Blue Tent, Nevada County, California
one set of great-great grandparents where pioneer settlers here
as it looked in 1971
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lt Colonel Henry Davis

Don Henry Davis (1812 - 1887)
A survey of the life of Don Henry Davis leaves little doubt that he had an adventurous spirit. Born October 9, 1812 to his parents Wiley Oran Davis and Susan Parker Kitchen, he was known to his siblings George A., Jessie Kitchen, and Ann Oran as “Henry.” He was a young man when his father left home on “a trip out West,” never to return. That is, he traveled west of Hartburg, Haywood County, Tennessee.

In the absence of his father, Henry was about fifteen years old when he began an apprenticeship in the saddler's trade that sustained him for several years. After moving to Leesville, Indiana, he opened a shop and invented the “Davis Spring Saddle,” the most comfortable saddle of its time.  Although his trade was prosperous, it was not his sole occupation.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Tale of Families: The Davis'

Albert Davis is credited for compiling the family pedigree as he knew it in 1927, just a few years before his death. His daughter Ruth Davis Kerr used his research to type a formal manuscript some years later. It is this resource that I reference in my recounting. It has served as the account for multiple membership applications into the Daughters of theAmerican Revolution
Daughters of The Amerian Revolution

Documenting the pedigree back further than three generations from Albert is murky. Davis is a common surname, and thus records into the 1700’s may be unreliable, or perhaps one or more generations immigrated. It is reported that “Absalom Davis” was the father of five known sons, Micajah, James, Gideon, Chelsey, and Cyrus. There may have been more children(daughters), but those names have been lost in this account. There is evidence of additional children in the on-line trees that can be found in abundance. Absalom may have been Richard Absolom Davis who immigrated from Wales, most likely part of the Scot-Irish immigration wave that has been referenced previously. If this family immigrated in the years before the Revolutionary War they where early in this movement. It is also believed that Macajah’s father moved from Maryland to North Carolina.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Minna and Meta Brownfield

Minna and Meta Brownfield, Big River, Saskatchewan, Canada

My great aunt, sister to Nicholas Dozenberg and daughter
The Brownfields: mother and daughter: Minna and Meta

Wilhelmine (Minna) Braunfeld (anglonized Brownfield) nee Dosenberg
born: 1880, Russia, Latvia died: 1953 Big River, Sasketchwan, Canada
Meta Brownfield
born: 1914 Big River, Sasketchwan, Canada died: 1997, California

One of my all-time favorite pics. The Brownfields where pioneer settlers of the Big River area in Sasketchwan Canada (approximately 90 miles north of Prince Albert.) Fir trapping, fishing, and lumber milling where the mainstays of industry in this area. Judging from Meta's age this photo dates around 1930.

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