Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: 1940 Census

 1940 Census
Alban Towers, Washington DC

Just released this week the 1940 US Census on The Date of this entry is April 1940, Nicholas Dallant aka Dozenberg had been arrested in December 1939. Frances was alone with her young daughter with the exception of another man that had moved into the household. Humes Houston Whittlesey, USN had unprecedented access to a small child, left without her father. It is interesting to note that the name is spelled "Delant,"(versus Dallant,) perhaps intentionally, Frances could have been attempting to protecting herself and her daughter from public scrutiny or alternatively, the couple had rented the apartment with a false spelling. Nick had lived and married under the assumed name of "Dallant," for 12 years. Nicholas and Frances had lived at this Washington DC address since 1937. Later when the FBI searched the apartment records they where not able to locate this residence.

Historial Note: HUAC hearings where taking place at the time of this picture. Nicholas Dozenberg was in the custody of the US Feds at the time. 

Humes Houston Whittlesey, Lt Commander, USN, retired
and my mother, Alban Towers, Washington DC, 1940
"Dearest Uncle Kommy" is not intended to be endering
My soul weeps when I look at this picture

You can see the original image here 1940 Census Record - Alban Towers - Washington DC
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