Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Annals of a Family

Certainly much appreciation is due to my predecessor, Joseph Francis Thornton, the last child born to George Abram Thornton and Mary Amanda Braxtan, (b. 06 June 1864, Bedford, IN), named for mothers brother and father's brother, both Union officers. His tireless commitment produced this family history book.

Published in 1940 his research was done entirely without the aid of modern technology. His efforts included collecting books, (some referenced earlier in this blog), visiting cemeteries in Indiana, Kentucky and other known parts of the country where ancestors where laid at rest. He examined court and library records in various counties and states, researched the ancient muster rolls of ancient battles, and lent his ear and pen to extended family.  Contributors to his work are acknowledged as Caroline T. Woolfolk, George Davis, George Abram, Jr., James Clay, Henry Clay Thornton, Louise Thornton MacDougal, Eddie Thornton Baylis, Paul, Henry, Frederic and Stanley Shaw, and Nina Davis Heck, Allie Braxtan Harris, her daughter, Nellie, and her son, Henry Harris, Frank and Samuel Braxtan, Alfred R.Orton (author of "The Family Tree," c. 1916). 

This little book includes reprisals of his father's diary, biograhical sketches of lesser known family members, reminiscences of his early childhood, excerpts of personal letters of his mother, a few precious photos, sketches, and the clear admiration that Joseph had for the father he never knew and his father's father's.

The script is dedicated to "The Descendants of Henry Presely Thornton," and in this spirit I invite you to open the cover and discover your heritage.

Annals of a Family
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